Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tis September and -

I'm still waiting for October's scan. I'm looking forward to it and hoping both for and against the possible results if that makes any sense.

I'm hoping I've restenosed because then I can get retreated at some point and possibly see all the benefits I had gained and lost back. However, I am also hoping that there's no need to worry about going back for another treatment. I'm hoping this is just some sort of prolonged lull in the ongoing work of my body trying to figure things out and fix it's self. I'm hoping that things pick up again on their own. I try and think myself into that but it's very hard.

CCSVI and getting the treatment is exciting but after you've done it it's a whirlwind of emotions as well. Dealing with what your outcomes are can be difficult. Some things can make you so happy and others so sad and then again others that do both - it's very tiring and definitely plays with your head and heart.

I am very glad I had this done and would do it again in a heartbeat. I've always been willing to do things to get myself better now I face trying to take care of my body better.

Many come back from treatment thinking hey back to that life I was meant to have and throw caution to the wind partying it up if able to or simply going back to eating junk blah blah blah Or worse yet coming back and doing nothing to help the muscles wake up that haven't been used in ages!

My big trouble is diet. I live to eat instead of eat to live. I've meant to do the Best Bet Diet but I've been a bad girl, it is very hard and I keep wishing I had money for a cook or dietician to help me with it as it is so damned hard when you're a food slut such as myself.

Another problem is getting proper exercise for the limbs that haven't done so in ages. I was referred for physio but haven't had a phone call and I left a message regarding the wait but no reply... it sucks!

Anyhow here I am trying to deal with where I'm at, hoping that things just don't get worse :o)