Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My M.S. as it stands now

I have been told I have aggressive, atypical RRMS. I felt I was becoming SPMS in 2003, my doctor said I was close but to this date has not changed the type of MS I have. Mind you this man didn't think I even had MS back in 96...

Okay so like others I think it would be smart to document my symptoms, I hope to do some sort of video though I am camera shy. For now it's just a list - bare with me :o)

I'm going to go through the list from this site and put what I have down:


Visual Symptoms

I have gone through it all with the eyes, right now they're not so bad, but when it gets hot my vision becomes quite murky.

Motor Symptoms

- Paraplegia of the legs
- Spasticity (head to toe; neck, arms, hands have intention tremor, restricted movement from trunk to toes greatly due to spasticity)
- Muscle atrophy (all over but the worst is in the legs)
- Spasms & cramps (in the legs)
- Myoclonus (in the seated position my legs will bounce all on their own)
- Footdrop

Sensory Symptoms

- Paraesthesia (throughout my legs and also my hands and wrists)
- Neuropathic pain (seems to be along my right side, worst in the iliac crest/hip)
- Proprioceptive Dysfunction (My legs/feet, often when I'm on my scooter I can't tell if my feet are actually on the scooter or if they're falling off...)

Cootdination & Balance Symptoms

- Ataxia - hard to make the top and bottom part of my body to work in concert I need to hold onto things to get around.
- Intention tremor
- Dysmetria
- Dystonia
- Dysdiadochokinesia

Bowel, Bladder and Sexual Symptoms

- I have a fun mix of bladder hesitency & urgency
- Constipation (understandable given my inactivity I think...)

Cognitive Symptoms

- Cognitive Dysfunction (It's a bit of a joke among MSers we call it cog fog or CRS which stands for Can't Remember 5#!T hehe)
- Anxiety (I've had this forever but I think it's become worse since the actual diagnoses)
- Aphasia/Dysphasia Often its hard to talk without my tongue tripping or brain tripping)
- Short Term Memory Loss (I used to have this very badly now I have it only once in a while though it seems to be becoming frequent :( )

Other Symptoms

- Uhthoffs symptom (this is where symptoms become worse with heat
- Fatigue
- Acid Reflux which causing swallowing problems and voice problems
- Respiratory problems (Often I will feel as though I'm not getting enough air but I am, it's very odd)
- Inappropriately cold body parts (I've had trouble with cold feet forever but now I find if I get a chill it also cannot be alleviated as quickly as it used to and seems to take longer on the right side.

Alright so now I've gone through that sites list which is pretty thorough. Not sure if it had the feeling woozy/drunk like feeling without actually being inebriated but that is also one of my issues. Also it feels like I have scratchy scrubby pads on my legs ICK!

I never walk without my walker save the one in a million time I feel strong enough and with it enough to have the top and bottom halves of my body work together a little and even then it's holding onto a wall or doorway (some sort of fixed object).

Alrighty that's all for now, I really really really hope some of this is relieved with the procedure :)

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