Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brain problem, blood problem, back problem BBB...

So it's 1 minute to the Monday before my Liberation as I begin this post.

Well it's getting closer and closer. It's a good thing too because I feel like I'm going into a flare right now. My left hand has begun having more tremors and feels more prickly numb. Also my back and legs have been having more fits and the spasticity is just too bloody much. I had considered asking the neuro about a baclofen pump several months ago but then got into the CCSVI shtuff. If this procedure doesn't help that will be in my future...

My back problem may still stand in my way and now that it's Monday I can say "today" I will be seeing yet another neurosurgeon to see if I can get interest in a discectomy again. Now that I have had to get the most recent on my medical wellbeing from my GP for my FSIR's office I have a ton of info on doctors thoughts on my back problem and it sure does piss me off because there's a strong consensus about the problem just a lack of getting something done about it. If after this Liberation I still have walking/spasticity issues with my legs I will push even harder for my back to be fixed because that can be causing a lot of this too! It could just all be my MS but I want to know for sure! I'm not sitting back and accepting any old thing, I'm going to know for sure before this is over!

Will update on how the neuro goes tomorrow morning.

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