Monday, August 23, 2010

Sad to say...

Well it saddens me to say this to everyone, but I'm pretty certain I've restenosed.

My best and immediate show (while on the table) is completely reversed. It disappeared directly after my left lower jugular was cleared and now it's fully back. What was it? Well at first I thought it was simply most of my MS hug but it was more than that and I didn't put it together until today. After I got up from the table I noticed the fronts of my thighs felt lighter too and the pain across my back had been relieved. Now I know this was part and parcel and instead of it just having been spasticty across my lower abdomen it was all of this area. I had been able to stand up straight longer, easier and it was because this was relieved. However now it's back.

Also my vision has begun to blur up again and wellsome other things too.

The good news - I know it worked. The bad news - for some reason it's stopped so now I'm going to have to PAY to have it done again and then what if I'm not stented or it restenoses again - I can't afford to have it done over and over again...

So for right now I am sitting tight until October when I go for my next scan in Barrie. We'll see what the scan says before I go on and bother my wonderful Interventional Radiologist.

Well, that's ma story for now. Still fighting the good fight and hoping that sooner rather than later we'll be able to have this done at home!


  1. sarah,
    I'm sorry to see his turn of events. I know some have gone downhill only to turn around and get better again too. I hope this happens for you. I also hope you can get treated at home soon. kind regards

  2. Thank you Carol - I hope for positive things too. I'm being as positive as I can be and try to see the positive I can out of it for now. If it turns out my blood is pumping properly then I'll just have to live with the results I have for now and it's quite possible that may just be it. But for a short time I had the wonderful benefit of more. I do not believe it is placebo. For if it were it would stick, if your mind can fool you for a moment no reason it has a time set to it...

    I still think I have better sensation in areas which is still lovely, just wish I could have everything as nice as it was the first few weeks :o)