Monday, June 28, 2010

Well wadya know!

Hiya peeps,

K so I've kept pretty quiet about how I'm doing because I didn't see the mega miraculous results some others did. I still found some benefits that for anyone with MS and the load of symptoms I've had a relief from, release of anything is amazing!

I was so happy for my friends who are doing so well and just well... rolling with it and trying not to be down about my lack of being able to jump up and down. I went in realistic BUT that doesn't stop you from WANTING to have MORE - what a human condition eh? We always want more whether it's things, happiness, love, health, things... So anyhow I was just learning to cope with things. I even felt like maybe some things were backsliding and then today...

Today hubby had an early dentist appt so he left and after a long night I hoped for a sleep in BUT the munchkin marched in while Mommy was on the toilet having a morning pish. So anywho we went down and got breakfast after a quick cuddle, we dove into a bag of wanna be Crunch Berries *thumbs up* on those! And I moved around with the walker pretty easily so that was nice but didn't read anything into that... I was going to take him to his last day of school later blah blah blah. Hubby came home, went to his office in the house and my son went to watch some World Cup action.

K so anyhow afternoon rolls in and it was decided that Hubby would take him to school and I'd pick him up because we lost track of time and I couldn't scooter him there in time... So I went out with the scooter after a little deliberation. I went to the mall and was going to have a manicure - lost my good nail file on the trip and can't find a decent replacement that doesn't leave nail tares. Well got there and bumped into a fellow MSer whose also a scooterer (hehe). We got together before I left for the treatment and I've only been able to chat minimally with him since I returned. In part because of my major need for rest after everything and then also because I don't want someone to see me and not see huge changes and then lose hope. So anyways he loved what had happened for me etc... SO huge relief for me. Then off to pick up my son.

When I picked up my son I ran into a fellow parent whose friend has MS and is just learning about CCSVI yada yada and she asks if she can give her my info and I said YAH! Then I took my kid to a splash pad with that lady's nanny and her kids and met with other nannies, we hung out for a couple of hours, it was nice. Then we got to going home and I was a starvin' Marvin. So I came in, used the facilities and out we went and grabbed Pizza Hut :) (BORED YET? HANG ON IT'S JUST FRAMING) My son is in soccer and it's our responsibility to provide snacks tomorrow so we then headed to Wally World for some fruit and yogurt bars and juice boxes. Then we went home. Hubby went in with some bags and Ethan went in with the left over pizza and Mommy sat in the car waiting for her scooter to be brought to her door. SCRATCH THAT Mommy felt strong enough and had enough energy that she wanted to get up and go! SO I got out of the car closed the door used the side of the car to steady myself and also used it for support as I walked towards the garage. I reached the front before hubby came out the door inside our garage from the house. He came on down and asked if I wanted to give it a try and I said YES! So he offered an arm and I took it and got up the little step into the garage then rearranged the hold on his arm on my right side and walked to the steps and kept on going, I stopped at the facilities for a moment and then right on up the stairs to our room :) First person I called was my friend Brian that I had met with earlier to tell him of the new BONUS and he was very happy for me *smiles* I then called my best girlfriend a little later and now I'm telling all of you after posting it on facebook!

My legs still have a lack of sensation and are hard to get in motion but I think in time with physiotherapy I WILL get them back!

Hope that gave more hope to folks, it has to me :o)


  1. You know what I'm glad to hear my dear... That you got the hope back! That's what I'm most happy to hear about. I think it's easy to forget the years it took us to get to the point that we are all at and guess what our muscles have lost their memory. Liberated or not, it's our job to keep reminding them what the he'll they're there for. Good for you Sarah! That took as much if not more courage as Denise's jump, not to take anything away from her. I know your story only gets better from here! xxxx


  2. I am so happy for you, I hope you continue to inprove and god bless you for sharing your journey

  3. omg - *tears of joy* for you - hope I go this way too - Great Blessings for continued improvements - Hugs - Robin

  4. floods of tears of happiness for you Sarah, you are a strong woman who has been there for me from my dx and im estatic (SP?) for you, I tell everyone about you and they are telling me go get it done lol, gota go get some figures now and see when I can afford it :)
    may you continue to get stong, I wana hear about you out kicking a ball with Ethan :)