Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Neurosurgeon yesterday was nice

Well he's feeling the nerve isn't truly pinched and says he has a worse protrusion in his back at present and wouldn't want a discectomy... He is ordering a new MRI seeing the last was 2009 and we'll see where we go from there.

During our meeting I told him I was going to have my CCSVI treated next week, his response was that if he had MS he'd be doing it too. So he's not a neurologist but he's in the neuro field and he'd be doing it too! NICE!

Anyhow, I'm not thrilled about the back problem not being fixed but if it shouldn't be then so be it. Maybe after my Liberation treatment I'll be able to move more easily and the pain of it etc... will go away :) In the meantime I have a nice new neurosurgeon whose going to order a new MRI for me to make sure things haven't gotten any worse.

On a separate note...

May 7th I noticed I was having symptoms of a UTI and went to a walk in. I was right I had bacterium present in my culture and so I went on antibiotics, macrobid to start. A couple of days in things were just as bad, no let up at all which I normally get with treatment, so cipro was prescribed. Things seemed to get a bit better and I made an appointment to go into my GP and tell her the news of my procedure and get a health check ok'd for the surgeon. DONE. I also did another urine sample to make sure all was alright on the kidney front because the walk in doc on the follow up visit said no bacteriuim but blood was present... So at the end of the day Thursday last week I gave another sample after seeing my GP and am awaiting news. This Am I woke up and found I had pain on my right flank and that's where you get kidney pain if there's an infection so I haven't been back to sleep since. Now the sun is up and birds are twittering like mad and I'm tired and achey and a little tummy sick :/.

I've looked up a new hospital near me and it has an emerge and a kidney specialty area so if this ends up being a kidney infection I know where I am going! I will call my GP's office soon as they're open to find out if I need to go or not :)

My Liberation cannot come soon enough BUT if I have this infection I'm glad I have 5 days in which to clear it up beforehand!!!!

Wish me luck! :o)

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