Thursday, June 10, 2010

4 days post "Liberation"

Well howdy folks,

Sorry it's taken a bit but there are so many things going on, so many people and places etc... etc...

Everything went so well. I couldn't have asked for better. Months ago when I first learned of this I became concerned about stenting, I was frightened for a facebook friend heading to Poland and I told her don't let them stent you!!! She did and she was fine and I learned through her that basically stenting is safe it all depends on if you have a doctor who knows what they're doing basically. Not to mention what the stent is made of, I was concerned about whether or not I could have an MRI after I was stented if I had the stenting and my M.S. continued or for some other reason I required an MRI... Ginger laid my worries to rest. I began reading more from others who were learning and all the information taught me to relax!!

Anyhow when I went in for my procedure I was ready for stenting if necessary but thank G_d it wasn't. I was treated with angioplasty alone! My veins (those that could be seen fully) were not so bad that they'd collapse after the balloons were deflated :)

Interestingly I went into the procedure with a doppler that said I had a problem in my right jugular right subclavian and left subclavian. What was found on the venogram was my right jugular was beautiful! my lower left was not and my azygos was not and so those were the areas given venoplasty/angioplasty.

My doctor was lovely. When I arrived at his office I was sent to get my sedative, I returned and gave it to them to give to their nurse who would gather me when things were ready , take me to the operation suite and give me it and set me up for the procedure. The sedative makes you feel a little inebriated and honestly I don't recall fully getting changed. The nurses were lovely and did everything perfectly. One of them stayed at my head for nearly the entire procedure giving me caring strokes on the forehead keeping me calm as the doctor would have me take breaths and hold them intermittently while pictures were being taken and he wondered around inside of me. Before he put the catheter in of course he numbed the area with a couple of shots, the first was ouchy but I barely felt the second and then on we went :o)

Meanwhile my boys went and got a bite to eat and Denise (one of my Liberation angels) went off shopping, Denise and the boys came back shortly after it was done and I rested a bit and then got myself together with the help of the wonderful nurses. Then I received pain meds and got to meet with my doctor for a go over of everything. A cd would be put together for me of all the scans to pick up the following day. I actually went back a couple of days later picked up the scan and had a neck u/s to make sure the one nagioplasty on the left there had not restenosed. They can't see the azygos with the u/s so can't be 100% on that but my left jugular is flowing wonderfully :)

I noticed while on the table for my procedure that a good part of my MS hug lifted and I began to cry. After everything getting in our truck I noticed my legs seemed a little lighter and my right hand with the worst intention tremor was a little better. I pulled out a sheet of paper and I wrote my name follow by I Love You and showed it to my husband :) I then wrote I a heart and then the letter U and showed it to my son!! It looked perty legible hehe.

So then I didn't have the miraculous jumping and perfect walk but things were better, even if only a little or moderately. But now it's been 4 days and I'm seeing more, it's a bit of a rollercoaster but I notice a something different daily & it goes up and down.

Anywho it's past midnight and I'm barely coherent so I'm going to do something that takes little brains wait for my boys to get home and then go to sleep ;)

Night all!

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  1. So happy to hear you are doing so well. Interesting how the doppler isn't very definitive, huh? Mine too, pre-procedure showed both veins blocked while during venogram, only the left was blocked and the right was clear.

    So glad you had a great experience!